CAGI* Workshop: Assessing the future of genome interpretation

6-8 December 2019
San Francisco, California, USA

The CAGI* meeting takes a holistic perspective, as compared with previous CAGI meetings that focused on the results of specific challenges. This meeting will reflect on the accomplishments of the five editions of CAGI and seek to shape our vision for the future. This is a once in a decade opportunity to take a fresh look at what CAGI is about and where it should go next.

We will be organizing sessions of talks by variant type (missense, expression, splicing), and by disease type (complex type, cancer, and rare disease), as well as talks on new methodologies, such as AI, and the impact of new databases. We aim to engage wider participation beyond the CAGI community. Pending sufficient interest, we will additionally be hosting salons of maverick ideas prior to the meeting.

In these talks and follow-up discussions, we will be looking to address questions such as, what is the current state of pathogenicity prediction tools? What sorts of data will be available in the future, and how can they be incorporated in the study of germline genetic variation? What are some advanced evaluation strategies for assessing the performance of prediction tools? How can we move towards more reliable ACMG guidelines?

Fellowships are available, and in previous years we were able to provide support to most eligible applicants. To be eligible for fellowship support, you must be a student or postdoc and a US citizen or permanent resident. We may also be able to support some members of under-represented groups, including those with disabilities, regardless of citizenship. All eligible applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for a fellowship and are likely to receive one.

If you belong to an organization that would like to support the CAGI conference via sponsorship, please let us know!

More information to follow soon.