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Personal genome project (PGP) - Predict individuals' phenotypes

The first ten exomes or genomes of participants in the PGP project are now publicly available. The CAGI organizers provide a list of phenotypes and ask CAGI participants to predict the probability of each of the PGP10 individuals having any of the binary phenotypes on our list, and to predict a numeric value for the continuous characters (e.g., LDL) along with a confidence interval. We also invite predictions on any additional genetic phenotypes, including rare diseases. We will ask the PGP10 participants to report their phenotypes for these traits when possible.

Prediction challenge

Example phenotypes to be predicted:

• Asthma

• Long QT Syndrome

• Type II Diabetes

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Absolute pitch

• Blood type - Has A antigen?

Dataset provided by

George Church, Harvard Medical School.

Phenotypes proposed by CAGI organizers in consultation with George Church.