Early registration for CAGI conference extended until 10 June 2013

Dear CAGI Community:

The early registration rate for the CAGI conference in Berlin has been extended until just after the ISMB early deadline, to allow more coordinated planning. CAGI early registration rates are now valid until 10 June 2013.

In order to register for the conference, you must first create a CAGI user account.
- https://genomeinterpretation.org/user/register
This necessary for us to verify your identity and online signature on the data use agreement, given the unpublished human data used in the CAGI meeting. We aim to approve all new CAGI users within 24 hours.

Once approved, you will be notified of your new CAGI account, whereupon you can immediately register for the conference.
- https://genomeinterpretation.org/content/register

Meanwhile, the assessors are completing the first stage of their evaluations (blinded to predictor identities and methods), and the preliminary results are striking. We have learned that several groups have been able to map some PGP genomes to trait profiles. On the Crohn’s challenge last year, one group used exomes to identify 80% of affected individuals before the first false positive healthy person. This year the challenge uses an improved dataset and the results are more tantalizing: several groups performed remarkably well -- and one achieved a ROC AUC of 0.94. Assessment of the challenge to understand Familial Combined Hyperlipidemia revealed a twist wherein real-world data differed sharply from theoretical models. Predictions on MRN proteins Rad50 (from last year), Mre11, and Nbs1 show how methods differ sharply in their effectiveness even amongst proteins in the same complex. These and the HA, p16, BRCA, splicing, and riskSNPs challenges will be discussed in full at the conference.

See you in Berlin!


CAGI Organizers