PGP Challenge deadline is 24 April--ONE DAY EARLIER than others; PGP templates have been modified

Dear CAGI participant,

Please note that we have had to bring the deadline for the PGP challenge forward 24 hours to 11:59PM PST on 24 April 2013. Please accept our apologies for this additional change and notification, but this is necessary to allow free exchange of the genomic information the next morning at the GET meeting (25 Apr).

Please also note that the two submission template files have been modified slightly as follows: 1) A training genome (474576e34ad0f39488d9c9b75946f7a7a4248427) that should not have been in the templates has been replaced by the missing challenge genome (fb74440463ffaaedecdac54b38ba2db7915965a0). 2) The templates have now been alpha-numerically sorted. Please download and use the corrected submission templates.


CAGI organizers