Major updates: * CAGI conference * CAGI Special Issue * CAGI Leadership Changes * Seeking new CAGI lead scientist

** CAGI Conference

The CAGI 5 conference from June 5-8 was a great success, with 53 talks from data providers, assessors, and predictors. We will soon be posting all the slides and video on the CAGI website. The intense meeting was held co-located with ISMB 2018, where we also had an all day session on "Advancing computational biology through critical assessments, community experiments, and crowdsourcing"(link:

** CAGI Special Issue

We have been negotiating with the 3 publishers discussed at the meeting regarding the CAGI special issue. All CAGI participants are invited to contribute, and Rachel Karchin has again agreed to be the Lead Guest Editor. We anticipate having papers for challenges written by assessors, with contributions from the dataset provider and input from predictors. Dataset providers and predictors also are encouraged to have their own papers. Our aim is to have a more expeditious timeline to publication. We will be sending more details as journal negotiations proceed.

** CAGI leadership changes

Gaia Andreoletti will imminently be moving on to a research-focused postdoctoral position at UCSF; she leaves us at the end of August and we bid her a fond farewell and a deep debt of gratitude for her leadership of CAGI 5 through the conference. In the short term, Lipika Ray (in John Moult’s lab) and Laura Kasak (soon joining my group) will each work part-time to continue CAGI activities, including coordinating the special issue.

After 8 years of jointly leading CAGI, John Moult has announced that he will be stepping aside from his executive role after the CAGI 5 experiment fully concludes, including completing the special issue. John is a true colleague who engaged and enhanced in every aspect of CAGI, and his daily interaction leading CAGI will be dearly missed. However, we look forward to his continuing contributions as active member of the CAGI community.

I am delighted to share that Predrag Radivojac will be joining as the CAGI Co-Chair. Pedja has been one of the most active CAGI participants, who has already contributed in numerous ways to CAGI leadership. Beyond his formidable scientific achievements, he brings experience running the CASP experiment. Looking forward, we also welcome additional community members to take on leadership roles.

** We are currently seeking a new CAGI lead scientist, either a postdoctoral researcher or more senior as academic staff. Please let refer great people to us!