Invitation to CAGI Conference

Dear CAGI participants,

We are writing to invite you to participate in the CAGI conference later this year. The tentative plan is as follows:

Dates: December 6-8, 2019
Place: San Francisco, California

Previous CAGI meetings focused on the results of specific challenges. This meeting (called CAGI*) will reflect on the accomplishments of the five editions of CAGI and shape our vision for the future. It will feature broad themes and engage wider participation. Speakers will discuss the status of the field of genome interpretation, its future directions, its ethical and social implications and, within those, CAGI's role.

This CAGI* meeting will feature invited speakers and is open to anyone in the community via abstract and poster submissions. Substantial support will be available for trainees to attend.

We think this will be an exciting event for the CAGI community. We will provide more information as we finalize preparations for this meeting.

We also want to let you know that the CAGI special issue of Human Mutation will be published imminently, with 36 papers ( Several more papers will appear in the online collection. Thank you so much for your extraordinary contributions at all levels. Between the two CAGI special issues over the past two years, now 60 papers have been published on CAGI representing a major achievement for the field. We look forward to your engagement in further advancing variant interpretation.

In other news, the CAGI grant renewal (190 pages) was submitted in May.

We will be seeking challenge datasets for the next CAGI edition through at least the end of the year; please let us know of any leads.

With all best regards,

Tina, Pedja, and Steven