New CAGI challenges and updates: Mechanisms of risk SNPs, bacterial fitness, Crohn's, and splicing

Crohn's challenge update: The data providers are in the process of re-basecalling all samples together so as to provide one VCF for all the data. The revised dataset will provide all variants in the capture region (exome target) as well as the particular capture technology. It is expected that this updated dataset will be available in mid-December.

Splicing challenge update: The TP53 minigene experiments were done in HEK293T cells. Previously, the particular cell line was not specified.

We have also just released two new CAGI 2012 challenges:

1. Assign possible mechanisms for SNPs associated with risk of seven complex trait diseases.

2. Predict impact of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 gene disruptions on cell growth under stress conditions.

Coming soon: We will shortly be releasing a "PGP challenge" wherein predictors are asked to match individual genomes to individual trait profiles.