CAGI assessment underway; Conference registration to open soon

Dear CAGI Community,

The CAGI prediction season concluded on 25 April 2013, and we have entered the assessment phase. There were a total of 188 predictions submitted from 33 groups, a >50% increase in both submissions and groups over the previous CAGI experiment. Predictors hailed from 14 countries representing academics, research institutes, and industry.

Registration for the CAGI 2013 conference will open imminently. The conference will be held 17-18 July 2013 at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biology in Berlin, Germany. The early registration deadline is 31 May 2013, with a fee of $490 for ISCB members; see the website for all other registration options. The meeting is open to all participants (predictors, assessors, data providers, board & council) as well as sponsors. Observers may also be accommodated, depending upon space availability and anticipated contributions to the meeting.

Fellowships will be available to a limited number of US trainees from an NHGRI R13 grant; we may also be able offer fellowships or discounts to others depending upon funds. If you are interested in sponsoring the CAGI conference--or have ideas of potential sponsors--please contact us at

We will post registration and fellowships links soon.

The assessment phase is now underway, with initial blind evaluations due 1 June. This year we intend to facilitate dialog between predictors and assessors in advance of the meeting, but predictors should not contact assessors at this point. The challenges and assessors:

Crohn’s disease: 56 submissions. Assessor: Alexander Morgan.
PGP: 16 submissions. Assessor: Sean Mooney
MRN variants: 22 submissions. Assessor: Sean Tavtigian.
P16 variants: 22 submissions. Assessor: Silvio Tosatto.
BRCA variants: 14 submissions. Assessor: Robert Nussbaum
Splicing: 5 submissions. Assessor: Jeremy Sanford.
FCH and HA: 39 submissions. Assessor: to be confirmed
MR-1 fitness: 0 submissions.
RiskSNPs: 12 submissions. Assessor: John Moult.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in July!


Steven Brenner, CAGI Chair
John Moult, CAGI Chair
Daniel Barsky, CAGI 2012 Organizer
Stephen Yee, CAGI Conference 2013 Organizer