CAGI* Workshop 6-8 Dec 2019; CAGI At ASHG; And CAGI6

Dear CAGI participants,

We are writing to invite you to participate in the CAGI* workshop “Assessing the Future of Genome Interpretation,” from 6-8 December 2019 on the UCSF Mission Bay campus in San Francisco.

This CAGI* meeting will reflect on the accomplishments of the five editions of CAGI and seek to shape our vision for the future. We hope it will consolidate the knowledge from over 50 challenges and 60 papers, including those in the recent CAGI special issue of Human Mutation. Building on CAGI participants’ extraordinary contributions, we aim to discuss and debate how to further advance genomic variant interpretation.

The meeting will feature broad themes and engage wider participation. Speakers will discuss the status of the field of genome interpretation, its future directions, its ethical and social implications and, within those, CAGI's role. The CAGI* meeting will feature invited speakers including include experts from clinical and functional genomics. Presentation opportunities are open to anyone in the via abstract and poster submissions. Please register early as positions are limited. Substantial support will be available for trainees to attend.

Important dates:
29 October 2019: Deadline for fellowship applications (including abstracts)
12 November 2019: Deadline for abstract submission (participants not requesting fellowships)
19 November 2019: Regular registration closes

* Annotate all missense challenge assessment
As part of the CAGI workshop, we will plan initial assessment of the ‘Annotate All Missense’ challenge. If you were a predictor in this challenge, get in touch with us ( to discuss the process.

* Join CAGI innovation salons
Prior to the meeting, we invite you to join a salon to promulgate creative and new ideas about the challenges and future of genome interpretation and CAGI. To facilitate open discussions, salons are open to trainees and researchers at all levels, except no PI’s are allowed! Salon participants will be selected to present in a dedicated session during the CAGI meeting; we will offer fellowship support for at least two presenters. Those interested in participating, please contact for further information.

* Join with us at ASHG
As in previous ASHG meetings, we will be hosting an informal CAGI gathering this year in Houston. If you are interested in attending this gathering, please contact for more details.

* CAGI 6
We will be seeking challenge datasets for the next CAGI edition through at least the end of the year; please let us know of any leads.

* Communication
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With all best regards,

Tina, Pedja, and Steven