CAGI 4 conference date query

Dear CAGI Participant,

The CAGI 4 conference is scheduled for 25-27 March 2016. It was just brought to our attention that this overlaps Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which we appreciate will be a concern for some participants. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult for us to re-schedule for a different date at this point, and all other dates are also likely to have conflicts.

Please let us know whether or not the conflict with the holiday is a significant concern for you by completing the short survey at:

Taking into account your feedback, we will announce a final decision regarding the meeting dates in early January. The most likely alternative would be the weekend before.

Also, as announced in the last newsletter, we are seeking a successor Lead Scientist or Postdoctoral researcher for CAGI. If you know of any outstanding candidates, please refer them to us and encourage them to apply. The first review of applications will be on 7 January 2016, to allow substantial overlap of this appointment with Roger Hoskins. and
Apply at (Scientist)
or by email to (Postdoc)

We remind you to check the website and follow us @CAGInews for more updates.

We again wish you the best of the season.

Roger, John, and Steven