CAGI 2015 plans - CAGI scientist position & Challenge datasets

We are happy to announce plans for CAGI 2015. Our intention is to have a prediction season in the spring & summer, assessment in late summer and fall, and a winter CAGI meeting.

CAGI 2015 is enabled by funding from NHGRI that will support hiring a scientist to lead this experiment. We would greatly appreciate referrals of individuals who may be suitable for this interesting and essential job. There are many types of people who could fill this position, and accordingly we have two job postings, one for a postdoctoral researcher

and for staff scientist:

Please share these links and re-post as appropriate, and advise us of good places to advertise. It is an unusual post, and we would be happy to speak with prospective candidates.

If you have ideas for contacts or recommendations for CAGI challenge datasets, we would much appreciate hearing about them. We have a few leads on challenges, including those that provide continuity from the previous experiments. We will not be developing challenges in detail until the CAGI scientist is hired, but are starting preliminary work so as to move rapidly when the time comes.

We look forward to your participation in the next CAGI experiment!

Steven Brenner
John Moult

P.S. There will be a presentation about CAGI at the ASHG meeting: 6:15pm on Monday 20 October 2014 (Session 37, "From Bytes to Phenotypes"; Hall B1, Ground Level). CAGI will also be presented at the HGVS satellite meeting at 2:30pm on 18 October 2014. Come say hello!