CAGI 2012 meeting postponed

Dear CAGI participant:

As you may have realized, the late release of CAGI challenges has resulted in it becoming impractical to hold the conference on the tentatively proposed dates in December 2012. There is just not enough time for engaged predictions or for assessment.

We are now considering alternative options and will soon solicit your input. As a result of the postponement, most challenges will now remain open for predictions until at least 10 January 2013. (Please do check expiry dates for exceptions, such as the BRCA mutation challenge expiring on 31 Oct 2012 due to of imminent public release of the data).

We apologize that the postponement may be disruptive to your plans. If you did make travel arrangements, please let us know, as we would like to mitigate the impact. Hopefully the greater time to address challenges and the broader ranges of challenges that can be considered (for example, it will now be possible to include a nice set of PGP genomes) will be at least a partial compensation.

We will endeavor to provide firm prediction deadlines and meeting plans as soon as possible, probably in about two weeks.

Steven Brenner
John Moult
Daniel Barsky