CAGI 2010 Results

The organizers and assessors are now finalizing the assessments of CAGI 2010. We are planning to write a manuscript describing the results.

Assessor Pauline Ng's results on the CBS dataset are available for download:

Presentations on CAGI

Presentation by Assessor Sean Tavtigian at the pre-pro-CAGI workshop, 10 December 2010.

Presentation by Assessor Pauline Ng at the ISMB 2011 conference. The presentation includes the assessments of the CBS and CHEK2 datasets of CAGI 2010. Presentation available for registered users.

Video presentation by Predictor Rachel Karchin and her group is available. The presentation describes methods that Prof. Karchin developed to participate in the PGP challenge.

CAGI Poster

Download the CAGI poster presented by CAGI organizers at the HGV 2011 Meeting (file available to registered users).