CAGI 5 Conference Program

The conference to discuss the outcome of the 2018 CAGI experiment will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Chicago, on 5-7 July 2018. This is the same venue as ISMB, and CAGI will overlap with the first full day of ISMB We will be opening registration for the CAGI meeting and add details regarding the conference program is below. UPDATED SCHEDULE ON JUL 5, 2018
Loation: PLAZA BALLROOM A and PLAZA BALLROOM B - Lobby Level (East Tower)       
T Jul 514:00:0014:15:000:15:00OrganizersSteven and John. 
T Jul 514:15:0014:35:000:20:00Data Provider Kenneth MatreyekYTPMT and PTEM
T Jul 514:35:0014:55:000:20:00AssessorYana Bromberg. 
T Jul 514:55:0015:10:000:15:00PredictorYizhou Yin. 
 Break and poster session     . 
T Jul 516:15:0016:45:000:30:00Discussion Sean Mooney.All missense panel
T Jul 516:45:0017:05:000:20:00Data Provider Jochen Weile.CALM
T Jul 517:05:0017:25:000:20:00AssessorNick Grishin. 
T Jul 517:25:0017:40:000:15:00PredictorPanagiotis Katsonis. 
T Jul 517:40:0017:55:000:15:00Discussion Missense challenges initial discussion.Initial Disucssion missense
T Jul 517:55:0021:00:003:05:00Reception . 
F Jul 6...IntroductionGaia Andreoletti  
F Jul 68:30:008:50:000:20:00Data Provider + AssessorWyatt Clark.GAA
F Jul 68:50:009:05:000:15:00PredictorEmidio Capriotti. 
F Jul 69:05:009:20:000:15:00Data ProviderRoberta Chiaraluce and Valerio ConsalviYFRAXATIN - from Italy
F Jul 69:20:009:40:000:20:00AssessorEmidio Capriotti. 
F Jul 69:40:009:55:000:15:00PredictorAlexey Strokach. 
F Jul 69:55:0010:15:000:20:00AssessorMarco Carraro.PCM1
F Jul 610:15:0010:30:000:15:00PredictorRita Casadio. 
F Jul 610:30:0011:00:000:30:00Discussion Missense challenges discussion.Discussion regarding poor performance in missese challenges
 Break and poster session       
F Jul 611:30:0011:50:000:20:00Ethics Forum Barbara Koenig.Ethics Forum Discussion
F Jul 611:50:0012:05:000:15:00Ethics Forum DiscussionEthics Forum Discussion. 
F Jul 612:05:0012:25:000:20:00Data ProviderWill Fairbother .MapSy
F Jul 612:25:0012:45:000:20:00Data ProviderScott Adamson.VexSeq
F Jul 612:45:0013:15:000:30:00AssessorSteve Mount. 
 Lunch & poster session     . 
F Jul 614:30:0014:45:000:15:00PredictorTatsuhiko,Naito. 
F Jul 614:45:0015:00:000:15:00PredictorJun Cheng. 
F Jul 615:00:0015:15:000:15:00PredictorRon Unger. 
F Jul 615:15:0015:40:000:25:00Discussion Discussion splicing challenges.Discussion splicing
F Jul 615:40:0016:05:000:25:00Discussion Clinical implication of CAGI results.Discussion regarding Clinical implication of CAGI results
 Break and poster session       
F Jul 616:35:0016:50:000:15:00Data ProviderMax Schubach .Reg Sat
F Jul 616:50:0017:10:000:20:00AssessorMichale Beer. 
F Jul 617:10:0017:25:000:15:00PredictorAlan Boyle. 
F Jul 617:25:0017:40:000:15:00PredictorZhongxia Yan. 
F Jul 617:40:0018:10:000:30:00Discussion Discussion Reg Sat challege.Discussion reg sat challenge
S Jul 79:55:0010:00:000:05:00IntroductionGaia Andreoletti. 
S Jul 710:00:0010:15:000:15:00Data ProviderEmanuela LeonardiYID - from italy
S Jul 710:15:0010:35:000:20:00AssessorMarco carraro. 
S Jul 710:35:0010:50:000:15:00PredictorJingqi Chen. 
S Jul 710:50:0011:10:000:20:00Discussion ID Discussion Dicussion
 Break and poster session       
S Jul 711:40:0012:00:000:20:00Data ProviderElad ZivYCHEK2
S Jul 712:00:0012:20:000:20:00AssessorAlin /Marisel KannYKann will join from London
S Jul 712:20:0012:50:000:30:00Discussion Discussion CHEK2. 
 Lunch & poster session     . 
S Jul 714:15:0014:45:000:30:00Data Provider + AssessorMelissa Cline .ENIGMA
S Jul 715:05:0015:20:000:15:00PredictorYang Shen. 
S Jul 715:20:0015:50:000:30:00DisucssionDiscussion cancer challenges.Discussion cancer challenges
 Break and poster session       
S Jul 716:20:0016:50:000:30:00Data Provider + AssessorStephen Meyn.SIckKids
S Jul 716:50:0017:20:000:30:00SickKids panelDiscussion, led by Stephen Meyn.Discussion SikKids
S Jul 717:20:0017:40:000:20:00Data Provider + AssessorGreg McInnes .Clotting
S Jul 717:40:0017:55:000:15:00PredictorYanran Wang. 
S Jul 717:55:0018:15:000:20:00Discussion Discussion on complex trait.Complex trait discussion
S Jul 718:15:0018:45:000:30:00Discussion Future of CAGI.Discussion the future of CAGI