CAGI prediction season extended to April 25; submission forms ready; various errata

There is additional time to tackle CAGI challenges! After consulting with predictors, we are making a final extension of the CAGI prediction deadline for all open challenges until 11:59 pm PDT on 25 April 2013.

Prediction submission forms are now available. You may make up to 6 predictions for each challenge, and any of these may be anonymous.
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Following are additions, clarifications, and errata for several challenges:

1. MRN challenge: Previous versions of the datasets did not designate the anomalous variants as described in the challenge description (There is one such variant for MRE11, and there are five variants for NBS1). The dataset has been updated appropriately. In addition, there was an error in a previous version of the NBS1 Variant Dataset where the mutation p.V314E was incorrectly denoted c.941T>A.

2. HA challenge: We have been asked to explain why members of the family have variants reported on the Y chromosome. We note that this occasionally occurs in females due to mismapping to pseudo-autosomal regions of sex chromosomes.

3. FCH challenge: When identifying a specific gene, please include the gene name in front of the variant with a colon (e.g., NM_004006.1(DMD):c.3G>T).

4. The p16 challenge now includes training data.
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